Hi! I’m Naomi. Welcome to my happy place! I hope you’ll find as much joy immersing yourselves in my ceramic art as I get from creating it.

I’ve gone through many transitions in life so far – I moved to Israel from London when I was 18, had 4 kids when I was really young and was a stay-at-home mum for 10 years.

During that time, I studied interior design online and did a little work in that field from home, mostly while the kids were napping.

Then I completed a 4-year Fine Art and Education degree at Hamidrasha L’Omanut, Beit Berl.

That led to teaching art to youth at risk, but I went through a number of major health issues which forced me to stop teaching and creating art for a while and instead, I spent a few years writing poetry.

Perhaps strangely, next I decided to become a real estate agent (needed to pay the bills). But when Covid hit, I took stock of my life and realised that the one constant that always brought me immense joy and nourishment was creating art (other than my kids, of course!) And I really wanted to find a medium through which I could share my love for art and the sense of peace, connectedness and beauty that I get from it with others.

 While searching for and failing to find an inspiring mug to enjoy a lockdown coffee in, I had that lightbulb moment – I could make that mug! –  I suddenly realised that making functional ceramic art would be the perfect way to offer a small piece of the wonder of art, the creativity, the inspiration and the serenity that I experience into people’s everyday lives, into their homes, into their hearts and into their hands.

So, in May 2020 I started ordering a huge quantity of ceramics supplies, I bought my first kiln, my potters wheel, tools, clay, pigments and glazes etc.

I had studied some wheel throwing and ceramics courses during my degree but hadn’t touched clay in almost a decade! I had a lot of work to do to remember what I’d been taught and to explore and teach myself those things that I hadn’t covered in my degree. And I loved every second of it!!

I started out by taking over the whole lounge as I didn’t have a studio, my poor kids often couldn’t find an available surface to eat a meal at.

Recently, we’ve moved house and I’ve built a studio on a large balcony.

You can find me in the studio from pre-dawn, loading the kiln, to post-dusk, finishing up whatever I was working on that day, tidying up, or just having a cup of tea or wine, enjoying the atmosphere and the pretty view that my studio affords me.