Aqua Crystalline Herb Stripper Bowl (Pre-Order)


I am now accepting pre-orders for the holiday season.
Please read full product description before pre-ordering. When you purchase this listing, you are pre-ordering a piece which will be similar to the one shown here, but as these are entirely hand made, there will be slight differences in the size and shape of the bowl and the distribution of the crystals across its surface. Pre-orders will take between 8-10 weeks to arrive from the date of purchase. Generally, custom orders or pre-orders can’t be cancelled, but in the unlikely event that I am behind schedule (for example, if the porcelain or some of the glaze components are out of stock or I’m hospitalised) I will notify you of the anticipated delay and will offer you to choose between waiting for the piece or a full refund.

Each piece is hand made from the finest English porcelain. The innovative and beautiful piece can be viewed in action on my Instagram. This is the perfect gift for foodies!  The crystalline glaze is safe for coming in contact with herbs, but it is not generally food safe. Please don’t use it for the preparation or serving of sauces or other foods.

There are many steps to making crystalline glazed ceramics so it is incredibly time consuming, but I hope you’ll agree that the results are worth the effort! I make every crystalline glaze in the studio right before every glaze firing, as the glazes don’t ‘keep’ well. The components need to be measured precisely to the fraction of a gram and applied carefully in numerous, thick coats. Every piece has a single-use, hand built ‘riser’ and ‘glaze catcher’ dish made to fit it perfectly for the glaze firing. This is necessary as the high gloss, two-dimensional crystals need a glaze that flows a lot to develop, and all that flowing glaze has to go somewhere. After the glaze firing, the pieces are removed from the risers and catchers by a number of methods and then the razor edged base needs to be sanded, using 5 different grit sanders until it’s baby-bottom smooth. My crystalline pieces are glaze fired to 1300 degrees celcius over 17 hours. They are dishwasher safe, but I recommend to hand wash them to preserve their beauty.


25 in stock


7cm approximately, each pre-order will differ slightly in size and shape from the example shown in the images


10cm approximately