Bubble Glazed Porcelain Mug 2


This bubble glazed porcelain mug is sure to welcome in the day with good vibes and a big smile! I stamped the message “You Amaze Me” into inner lip of the mug while it was still fairly pliable. After it was bisque fired, I painted the indented letters with 3 layers of blue underglaze, sponged off the excess and then painted 2 layers of an aqua base glaze over the whole mug. Next, I mixed a number of glazes with some fairy liquid. I then blew each glaze individually through a straw so it would bubble over and leave a bubble pattern on the surface. After glaze firing it to 1220 degrees Celsius, I painted flecks of 22k gold on the outside and fired it for a third time to seal on the gold. Hand wash only and unsafe for use in the microwave due to the real gold accents.


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