Carved Floral Opalescence Mug


My carved floral opalescence mug is a unique piece of functional art. It was created by pouring 6 layers of different coloured porcelain slip into a mould. Once released from the mould, I carved through the layers of porcelain to create the floral design. Next, I carved the inner lip of the mug, revealing some layers of colour and creating a comfortable thickness to drink from. Once bisque fired, I glazed the mug in a glossy clear. I then painted mother of pearl luster over the exterior of the mug and fired it for a third time, resulting in a beautiful opalescence. This piece has been reduced as there’s a slight crack in the rim. It can still function as a cup, or it can be used as a pen or toothbrush holder etc.
These multi-layered and carved pieces take many many hours to make and I hope you agree that the results are worth the time. Hand wash only.