Cobalt Crystalline Planter


My cobalt crystalline planter was wheel thrown from high fire stoneware. The integral drip dish will collect excess water without the need for a separate plate. Under the rim, the inside of the pot is unglazed so it remains absorbent for the plant’s health.

There are many steps to making crystalline glazed ceramics so it is incredibly time consuming, but I hope you’ll agree that the results are worth the effort! I make every crystalline glaze in the studio right before every glaze firing, as the glazes don’t ‘keep’ well. The components need to be measured precisely to the fraction of a gram and applied carefully in numerous, thick coats. My crystalline pieces are bisque fired to 1046 degrees Celsius and then glaze fired to 1300 degrees Celsius over 16.5 hours. They are dishwasher safe, but I recommend to hand wash them to preserve their beauty.


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12cm (at rim of pot)