Fully Customizable Small Porcelain Paint Palette


This porcelain paint palette is fully customizable within the boundaries of the approximate size in the description. You can either choose from one of the example layouts I’ve added in the images, or you’re welcome to discuss an alternative layout with me. If you’d like to choose a different layout, please discuss it with me before purchasing.  Please let me know in your order notes which number layout you’d like and what short message or quote you’d like stamped on it (up to 5 words). Please also let me know which colour underglaze you’d like the letters to be stained with (or if you’d like it entirely white). Please note, custom orders will take up to 10 weeks to arrive and are non-refundable. If you need the palette sooner, you’re welcome to reach out to me to see where I’m at in the making process and how long it’s likely to take at that point to receive it.

These are the underglaze colours you can choose between for the lettering: Black, dark grey, medium brown, cobalt blue, pale blue, purple, turquoise, medium leaf green, pale cactus green, maroon, red, pink, orange, yellow, coral and a dark teal.

This palette will be hand built from the finest English porcelain. Once the form is made, I’ll stamp the quote or message you’ve chosen into it. Next, I’ll stain the letters with three layers of underglaze of your choice and I’ll wipe it back, leaving the underglaze only in the letters to preserve the pristine white surface. After the piece slow dries, I’ll bisque fire it to 1046 degrees Celsius and then glaze it with a clear, glossy glaze and glaze fire it to 1220 degrees Celsius.

This palette can be used with any paint and can be cleaned with water, turpentine or other paint thinners without damaging the glazed surface. This is a unique and extremely useful gift for yourself or an art-loving friend.



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Approximately 12cm


Approximately 10cm


Approximately 150g