Porcelain Paintbrush Rest Set 2


This porcelain paintbrush rest set comes with three paintbrush rests. Two are stamped on each side with the following inspirational phrases: “Create Your Own Reality” and  “Passion & Creativity”. One can accommodate 3 paintbrushes and the other can accommodate 4 paintbrushes. The third paintbrush holder holds 2 paintbrushes and has the phrase “Follow Your Passion” hand carved into the sides.

I hand built the paintbrush rests from English porcelain and after bisque firing them to 1026 degrees Celsius, they were glazed in a glossy clear glaze and glaze fired to 1220 degrees Celsius.

They can be washed either in water or can also withstand turpentine or other paint thinners to remove any paint stains.

This would make a fabulous addition to my porcelain paint palettes and would also be a lovely gift (or treat for yourself!) on its own. If you’re buying this item together with another item from the site, shipping for this item will be free.


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