Porcelain Poem Mug


This porcelain poem mug was hand built from the finest English porcelain. Excerpts from Charles B. Carr”s Poem “A Spiritual” were stamped letter by letter into its surface and the poem’s title was stamped into the base. This piece started to develop cracks while drying and I fixed them, creating a few thicker areas. After glaze firing, I accentuated these ‘fault lines’ (though they’re not truly faults) in 22k gold. After slow-drying for a few weeks to prevent the thin porcelain from cracking again, it was bisque-fired, then it was glazed with a studio-made clear gloss and glaze fired to 1240 degrees Celsius. Then the 22k gold luster accents I mentioned were painted on with some other gold accents and it was luster fired to 740 degrees. It would be delightful to drink your favourite hot or cold beverage from and could also be used as a luminary by sitting a candle within it, which would make the letters glow from within. I hope you agree that the many many hours of work that went into creating this beautiful piece were absolutely worth it! Hand wash only to preserve the gold.


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