Teal Crystalline kiddush Cup (Second)


My teal crystalline Kiddush Cup was made from coloured porcelain slip and crystalline glazes, both of which I create in my studio. It is a second as there are some small ‘dimples’ in the glaze surface, due to little air bubbles that formed in the coloured slip. The dimples are on the surface only and don’t affect its function and it has been reduced to reflect this.

Crystalline glazes are a specialized glaze which must be measured out extremely accurately from a variety of raw materials. During a very long and hot glaze firing (1300 degrees Celsius), zinc silicate crystals form on the piece. The glaze is designed to be very runny as this assists in the growth of the glossy crystals. To avoid the pieces from bonding to the kiln shelf, a ‘riser’ and ‘drip dish’ are made to match each piece and after the firing process are removed. This leaves a jagged edge, so I grind and sand each piece down with 5-6 different tools, until a baby-bottom smooth base is achieved. It is a very lengthy process with a comparably high failure rate, but I hope you agree that the results are worth it! To ensure the longevity of the glossy crystals, I recommend hand washing crystalline work.


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Approx 6.5cm


Approx 7.5cm


Approx 130ml