Trio Of Crystalline Glazed Ornaments


This trio of crystalline glazed ornaments were hand built from the finest porcelain. I make the crystalline glazes in my studio before glazing each batch and the pieces are fired twice – first bisque fired to 1046 degrees Celsius and then glaze fired to 1300 degrees Celsius. The glaze firing runs for 17 hours, with many holds, allowing the 2-D crystals to grow across the surface. Each ornament is unique, created by imprinting a leaf into the soft porcelain. The leaf’s veins show through the glaze on some pieces, and others have such an abundance of crystals that the veins have been obscured. You will receive 3 ornaments similar to the ones depicted here with each purchase. The ornaments can be used to adorn your Christmas tree, and they could also be hung in a cluster on a wall as a unique piece of wall art. You could also use them as a perfume pendant for your car, spraying or dabbing the unglazed side with your favourite scent or aromatic oil.



Varies between 7cm-11cm


Varies between 3.5cm-7cm