I absolutely love my Naomi mug 😍. I love the beautiful unique design and knowing that so much time and expertise went into making it. It takes coffee to a whole new level!

Yal Kossowsky, Israel

IMG_4374 (1)

Love my Naomi Tate Maghen mug!

Fern Reiss, Israel


I love my mug so much I use it everyday to make my hot chocolate Great work, i will be purchasing again. Thank you Naomi x
Sam, England

I could not recommend Naomi enough! As an artist I need to surround myself with color for inspiration. Starting my day with a cup of coffee wakes me up and gets me going, but starting my day with coffee in a gorgeous cup made by Naomi Tate Maghen gets my creative juices flowing!

Her color combinations are magical! She covers all the spectrum of the color wheel so there is something for everyone. Coffee cups, vases, plates, is so hard to choose! I have made several purchases and am hooked! She provides amazing customer service, fast delivery and even adds a little surprise in the box! (Make sure to carefully go through the impressive wrapping to find it!)
I can officialy call myself a devoted customer and Naomi Tate Maghen’s pottery art collector!

Malka Michaela Barshishat "Fine Art and Illustration", Israel


I have two beautiful Naomi Tate Maghen mugs. One a birthday gift for my daughter the other part of a set. The other belongs to my partner. They are both beautiful and of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Naomi is a delight and accommodated my quirky requests wonderfully.

Jonny Steiner, Israel


We get so much pleasure from our beautiful and unusual mezuzah case, and so many compliments. Naomi is a highly talented and creative artist, who clearly pours her soul into her work.

Beryl Meghnagi, UK


I'm stopping to have a cup of coffee using my special afternoon mug that I ordered and personally designed together with Naomi Tate Maghen and she created this gorgeous coffee mug for me. I'm really enjoying the fact that I chose to invest in myself and to buy a mug that I really love using . 😉 It puts a smile on my face every time I use it. Thank you, Naomi!

Daniella Rudoff, Israel


When I came upon Naomi’s work on Instagram I couldn’t stop fangirling and sending pics to everyone… including my boyfriend— who took the hint and made an order of two matching mugs with our initials engraved on the bottom. I seriously cried when he gifted it to me! I thought that I was already lucky, but fortune was on my side when Naomi had an IG giveaway and I won a second mug! Now I’m the proud owner of two gorgeous Noami mugs. The tea and coffee I drink from these mugs tastes better for the beautiful craftswomanship and stunning color combinations. I love the earthy feel of ceramics in my hands. It’s a part of the experience, and you can sense the care and dedication that Naomi puts into every piece she creates. Every IG conversation I’ve had with her has been personable and approachable and even though I don’t know Naomi, I feel like the glimpses I’ve gotten into her life through her work have revealed a true artist dedicated to her craft.

Leora, Israel

Beautiful handmade mezuza. Very good quality and strong. Love looking at it every time I go in and out the front door!

Debbie Rubinstein, Israel


Naomi’s mugs are so gorgeous I bought a table to match mine! Now even a cup of instant coffee can be a luxury.

Marnina, Israel


Love this bowl. Colours make it perfect for holding lemons, grapes, salad, and so many other things, and the size is equally useful. Terrific craftsmanship, well made and beautiful. I hope this is the first of many more of Naomi's pieces to grace our table. X

Hani, Israel

מדהים כמה שזה מתאים, שימושי ויפה כל כך ❤️עכשיו יש לי איפה לשים את התכשיטים שלי. תודה נעומי😘

סנדי, ישראל

I love the bowl I got from Naomi. It is a perfect size for salads. It is beautifully made and I just love the colours! Can't wait to get more from Naomi.

Lucinda, UK


I adore Naomi's work! Her attention to detail, use of colours and her natural artistic flair is so beautiful. I love our oil burner, simply stunning - as is all of Naomi's work ❤️

Lilach, Israel

We love our kiddush cup that Naomi created. The colours are so vibrant and the combining layers of metallics and iridescence are complex and dynamic. It is just the right size and manages to look elegantly delicate while being robust enough to withstand being passed around our large family every week. We always get compliments from guests, closely followed by the question, "Where did you get that?" Thank you, Naomi!

Rachel Meghnagi, Israel

Naomi is an extremely talented artist with a special eye for detail, creating each and every piece uniquely and with a style of its own. I have followed Naomi’s artwork for quite some time, waiting for the right opportunity to treat someone to her gift. I bought two individual espresso cups for a friend’s studio office where they serve as not only functional pieces, but discussion starters with clients because of their beauty. The recipient was so touched by the set, the hand selection and hand crafting that they are showcased on display, even when he isn’t using them. Naomi is absolutely wonderful and easy to work with. She offers high end products and service and ensures that her customers are not just satisfied but leave wanting more. Thank you’ Naomi!

Andi Leubitz, Israel

Hello Naomi!
The package has arrived and I am so thrilled and excited to receive your beautiful museum quality artwork!!!! Everything was packaged extremely well and I am so excited and can’t stop smiling. My mother happened to be visiting exactly when the package arrived and she was also blown away how beautiful everything is. Thank you so much for that sweet little gift. It is so perfect, little did you know that I have a huge magnet collection on my fridge. I really liked the delivery service. Everything is perfect and I will definitely be purchasing your artwork again.

David, Israel

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