Personalised Porcelain Mug Preorder


This is a personalized porcelain mug preorder listing. Please read all details before purchasing! The photos and details are of a piece similar to the one you’ll receive, but you’ll get to choose the text that is stamped into the porcelain! This sized mug allows space for approximately 60 words of text on the body and approximately 8 words stamped into the base.  (You can also choose fewer words and to have hearts stamped around the words) This is enough for a short poem, or a stanza from a longer poem, an inspirational quote or a good-sized message you’d like someone to be able to clutch in their fingers. As these are hand built from porcelain they need to be dried very slowly to prevent cracks, so this preorder will take up to 10 weeks to arrive from the date its purchased – I always try to overestimate the delivery time and to send it sooner, but I can’t commit to a quicker turnaround as it greatly depends on the material itself and on the stage I’m at in the making process on other orders. If you have an important event approaching and you’d really like to receive it sooner, please write to me to see where I’m at in the making process and if it’s possible to receive it sooner (though not under 4-6 weeks). Please make sure to send me the text you’d like to be stamped into the piece with your order!

These pieces are made by hand building with the finest English porcelain. After slow-drying for a few weeks to prevent the porcelain from cracking, they are bisque-fired, then they are glazed with a clear, glossy glaze and glaze fired to 1240 degrees Celsius. Next, the 22k gold luster accents are painted on (you can specify which words you’d like emphasized with the gold) and then they are luster fired to 740 degrees. Hand wash only to preserve the gold.



approximately 9cm


approximately 8cm