Trio of Porcelain Ornaments


These trio of porcelain ornaments were hand made with the finest porcelain. I pressed foliage into the soft porcelain and once the ornaments were bisque fired, I painted 3 layers of underglaze into the imprinted foliage. Next I applied a clear, glossy glaze and glaze fired the ornaments to 1200 degrees Celsius. After this, I carefully painted 22k gold luster¬† ‘snow’ on the pieces. They were then fired for a third time to 715 degrees Celsius to set the gold in place and burn off the oil medium. These ornaments can be used to adorn your Christmas tree, or they could be hung in a cluster as a unique wall art feature. They could also be used as a perfume pendant for a car by hanging from the mirror and spraying or dabbing your favourite scent or aromatic oil on the unglazed back. Each ornament is unique and you will receive 3 out of the photographed ornaments with your order.


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Varies between 4.2cm-7.1cm


Varies between 3.5cm-5.8cm