Turquoise Surf Seascape Ornament


My Turquoise Surf Seascape ornament was hand made from the finest porcelain. The ‘glazescape’ seascape was created through a unique glazing technique that I developed over many months. It involves carefully layering up to 14 different glazes while studying photos I took during a day trip to Switzerland. This ornament was glaze fired multiple times to achieve the dynamic movement in the waves and I painted a 22k gold border and luster fired it after the final glaze firing. These ornaments would be a beautiful addition of fine art to your tree, or could be clustered together on a wall as a piece of wall art. They could also be used as a perfume pendant for your car by hanging from the mirror and spraying or dabbing the unglazed side with your favourite scent or essential oil. They come with a gold toned, wax macrame cord through the hole.


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