Carved Koi Tumbler 2


This listing refers to the carved Koi tumbler on the right in the main image. These limited edition works of functional art were created by pouring 7 layers of different coloured porcelain slip into a mould. Once released from the mould, I carved through the layers of porcelain to create the 2 koi fish on the sides and another small koi fish on the base. Next, I carved the inner lip of the mug, revealing some layers of colour and creating a comfortable thickness to drink from. Once bisque fired, I glazed the mug in a glossy, clear glaze.These pieces take many many hours to make and I hope you agree that the results are worth the time.
Please contact me if you’re interested in acquiring two or more of the pieces in this carved Koi collection and I’ll arrange for free shipping. Dishwasher safe.


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